Our Mission

At To The Moon Preschool, our mission is to provide students a warm and safe

online environment to build confidence and discover the artist within them.

Our Program

Seasonal Camp 2022

Want to continue having fun during the summer? Sign up for our themed Summer Camp

We are offering one month of Dinosaur Camp and one month of Astronomy Camp! 

Winter doesn't mean you can't have fun. Sign up for our Themed Winter Camp

Teaching Time

What do we do during Teaching Time?

A pre-recorded video will be

uploaded to your member's area

before our live-in-person Preschool Pals class.

Each video will engage your child and

they will enjoy learning from a

real preschool teacher (that's ME)!

Greeting & Music​

​School Time

Preschool Pals

What do we do during Preschool Pals?

In the afternoon for 30-minutes during each class,

your child will have a blast talking to, hanging out,

and doing an art project live with friends!

Circle Time & Review

Story Time/school work

Arts & Crafts

See what our artists are up to!

A glimpse at some of the crafts we've done!

At our preschool, we use the FUNDAMENTALS Preschool Curriculum by Joy Anderson, an activity-based curriculum with developmentally appropriate activities that will prepare your child for kindergarten in as little as 1 hour each day! There's no need for you to supplement curriculum at home!

Have Questions?

Contact us!

Please feel free to reach out to us and a member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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To The Moon Preschool